2015 Netgalley Reading Challenge – Sign Ups

ng2015_challenge My Netgalley Challenge from 2014 was so successful (well, not for me, but I like to think I had a good excuse) that I obviously had to make it a tradition! Hopefully this year will be just as helpful for Netgalley ratios everywhere!

How it works

To sign up, just add your information to the linky list below. Afterwards, choose the difficulty level you want. Once January 1st, 2015 arrives, you can begin reading, any books read before will not count. You can continue to request galleys, or you can read the ones you already have. The point is to get your feedback ratio closer to the recommended 80%.

Every 3 months, I will be posting an update on my own challenge which will also serve as a giveaway post. I will be running 4 giveaways through the year as incentives to be hitting your goals! You must have a post about the challenge which displays which level you have entered for that tracks what books you have read toward that challenge in order to enter the giveaways. You can format the post however you want, but you must include the challenge banner at the top, your challenge level somewhere within the post (you don’t have to use the level graphics), and that has at the very least a list of which books you have read. You can view my 2014 challenge post here if you would like an example.

Challenge Levels

I decided to make the levels a bit harder this year. Instead of hardcore being 21+ it is now 41+. I had so many of you finishing your challenges super quickly, so I thought that this might help make it more challenging this time around.

Grab the Banner


Join the Challenge!

Please use the link to your challenge tracking page and not the default link to your blog that way everyone can see your progress easily.


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33 responses to “2015 Netgalley Reading Challenge – Sign Ups

    1. unsure why my post is now missing on Feb 1, but it was posted Dec 2.14 and Ariel visited, so it’s a mystern…
      have added it once again –
      discovered when I popped over to update netgalley reads and reviews posted today
      Hoping you can check into that, Ariel ? thanks…

      1. Ariel

        My first linky died so I had gone through and commented on a few blogs/twitters to ask people to post their links again. Yours might have been one of those. It was totally my bad for using the wrong linky site. I forgot which one was the good one. I’ve cleaned the bad ones out of my bookmarks now, so that shouldn’t happen again. <3

    1. Ariel

      Oh gosh! I can’t believe it died! I put in a new linky list for people to add to. Go ahead and add yourself in when you get the chance. Good luck!

    1. Ariel

      No worries. This new linky is awesome and lets me edit things, so I changed the link in the linky for you, so you are set. ūüėÄ

    1. Ariel

      It’s sadly so easy to forget about them. I need a better system to track them. Having a shelf on Goodreads it great, until I forget to add approvals to it. Sad that they aren’t integrated.

  1. I found this Challenge by pure accident today and I am so grateful that I did. I’ve already learned things I didn’t know about NetGalley.

    I added this Challenge to my Unique Challenges page which is all about Challenges to help me improve my blog. Other Challenges are on another page. My intention is to create a “just joined” post in the next day or two and follow the rules from there.

    Thank you for this Challenge I know I need it and I also know I’m going to learn a lot along the way.

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  3. I so need to do this… so much to read… and so many requests outside of Netgalley…
    Challenge is on!

    Please delete 30 as I had used the incorrect URL – 31 is correct. Apologies!

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