Where you do post your book reviews?


I’ve been working on setting up a blogging notebook/planner to help get a better handle on the way I do things. Digital planning just did not work for me. I would ignore the email reminders, have the alarms go off at severely inconvenient times, space out on what I was doing, it was a royal mess. So putting together a planner that had a notebook section for keeping track of other things was very important to me.

Blogging printables are a thing all over the internet, but bookish ones seem to be rather lacking. I found a few for tracking books/arcs/reviews that kinda worked but weren’t perfect. I try to make things work for me, but sometimes they just don’t. So I took the reins and I’ve been making my own. I’ve got an awesome printable set up but I need to finish this last section so it can be released.

This is where I need your help! I’m trying to keep it very open and helpful, so I need to know where all you share your reviews. It doesn’t matter if you are just sharing a link to your review post on social media, or if it’s a proper review on Goodreads and Amazon. I’m trying to get a good collection of the common places to share reviews so I can make this free printable (yes, free!) perfect and super helpful. Want to help more? Share this post! Share it every where you can so I can get the most traffic I can get! I need all the opinions I can gather! I want to release the printable before the end of February at the absolute latest, so I am only collecting information for a few weeks so help me out guys!

Review Site Running List
This is a list of the sites already included. See any in this list that you don’t use often or that are a huge hassle to review on? Let me know!
  • Blog
  • Source (Netgalley/Edleweiss/Author/Publisher)
  • Goodreads
  • Amazon
  • Smashwords
  • iTunes
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
Where all do you post/share your book reviews? Comment below!


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5 responses to “Where you do post your book reviews?

  1. I think its a great idea that you will be offering your blog schedules for free. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    Aside from my own blog, goodreads, amazon, netgalley and facebook. I also share my reviews on Kobo, Chapters (A Canadian book store) and pinterest. Pinterest is a great high traffic way to share you reviews. I make sure that I mention in the caption that the link leads to a review of the book.

    1. Free printables are the best printables!

      I always think that I should share my reviews to pinterest, but the whole things confuses me. I used to follow it for recipes and then the pages would disappear as blogs died and it made me sad. It reminds me, in a way, of Tumblr and I don’t get that site either. Maybe I’m too much of an old fuddy-duddy. ;_;

  2. Can’t wait for you to release your printable. I think you’ve pretty much listed all of the top places I post my book reviews. I just signed up for Booklikes and can’t wait to start posting reviews there.

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