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So how is that printable coming?

tulio-headbash I created up my printable, posted my poll, tweaked a few things. Then I printed it out to check the margins for ring, arc, and spiral hole punching. It was beautiful, it was perfection, and then the file corrupted. Luckily, I had saved it in a cloud, so I just got a previous update and brought it up to date. I printed out a whole bunch of them and filled them out with books I’ve read a hundred times and really played with it, just to learn that it is full of suckage. As pretty as it looked, and as much sense as it seemed to make, it doesn’t work. I sent it to a few friends to get their opinions and they agreed. So now I am currently testing prototype number six. This one seems like it might be the winner, but I want a few friends to test it first. Much as I hate it, it’s going to see a March release, but at least I didn’t release one that won’t work out well. In the meantime, I’m working on the post and printing instructions. Typing all that up takes time, so while it’s in testing I can at least get that out of the way, right?

What have I been up to?

On the blog: I have like 20 half written posts. I keep starting posts and then stopping. I’m struggling to keep up, but working on it as much as I can. This is quickly proving to be a horrible year. I already feel like I’m going to be a horrid blogger this year, once again. *sigh*

In my life: We got some proper snow! It was just over 3 inches. I was so excited, because this is basically the last time Rose will have a chance to see snow for years. Jason is getting out of the military this year, and snow is about as rare in our part of Texas as unicorns are in the wild. I’m so depressed that all my photos came out blurry, but I did get a video, so maybe I can pull some stills from that. Rose had fun, but only wanted to be in it for about 15 mins and didn’t want to go back outside until after it melted away. I tried to get her to play with me in it, but she only wanted to walk around and kick the powder every where. Really glad I didn’t drop the money on snow boots for her. Spending $25-50 on a pair of boots for 15 mins would’ve been a waste. Her sneakers didn’t get too wet and they dried out very quickly.

Aside from that, I’m stressing hard. I’m trying to figure new ways to work through it, because everything I usually do isn’t working. This is a big year, full of stuff to stress over and make my anxiety spike, and I don’t think it’s going to slow down at all. Entering the military was fine, we didn’t have kids then, but going back to a civilian life with a kid is scary. I will happily take any stress management tips you have to offer. Gods know I could use them.

What have you been up to this week?


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