Assassin’s Creed is coming to YA book shelves everywhere!

Discussion post - Assassins Creed coming to YA book shelves - header Game Informer announced that Assassin’s Creed would be getting it’s own YA book series this year.

From Game Informer: “The first book in the planned series is titled Last Descendants and is planned for release September of this year. A follow-up book is planned for release in January 2017. Written by author Matthew J. Kirby, the series represents a partnership between Scholastic and Ubisoft. The book takes place in modern day, but will also venture into 1860s New York City, the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, and will feature historical celebrities William “Boss” Tweed, Hernan Cortes, renowned opera singer Adelina Patti, and more.”

There is already an Assassin’s Creed book series, written by Oliver Bowden, that act as tie-ins to the video games. I’m not sure if this series will continue or not. It almost feels silly to have a second series coming out, just to place it in a different age bracket. Why is the current series not good enough? Unless this YA series is meant to be other stories that are canon tales, but not something that will be touched upon much in the games. I’ve spent the last decade obsessed with other videos games (and I’m a really bad gamer, in that I suck but also can’t juggle many games at once), so I have only played the first two games. Obviously, this leaves me way behind. I suck at the mechanics, so I love the book series (which I am horribly behind on also…) because that gives me the opportunity to experience some of the games, without actually having to play them. My husband isn’t the best at summarizing a story, so he’s no help.

Assassins Creed Last Descendants - book coverNothing in Owen’s life has been right since his father died in prison, accused of a crime Owen is certain he didn’t commit. Monroe, the IT guy at school, might finally bring Owen the means to clear his father’s name by letting him use an Animus — a device that lets users explore the genetic memories buried within their own DNA. The experience brings Owen more than he bargained for. During a simulation, Owen uncovers the existence of an ancient and powerful relic long considered legend — the Trident of Eden. Now two secret organizations will stop at nothing to take possession of this artifact — the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templar Order. It soon becomes clear to Owen that the only way to save himself is to find the Trident first.
It does look interesting. I love books based on video games, I always have, so I am looking forward to this. Not sure when I will get around to actually reading it, what with my schedule and reading queue and all, but I will definitely pick it up when it releases. I know my husband will want to read it, so it won’t be a waste of money.
Do you like the Assassin’s Creed games? Will you be reading The Last Descendants when it releases?


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2 responses to “Assassin’s Creed is coming to YA book shelves everywhere!

  1. Hmm…not sure how I feel about this. I mean, Yay for Assasins Creed! But I don’t think it is necessary to make this series into a YA book. I think they should just leave the books as they are and not try to YA-nize them. (I made up a word!)

    It reminds me of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. As that series was originally an Adult Fantasy and now I know it is also found in the teen section. I read the Adult Mistborn but I honestly have no idea if the YA Mistborn is the same exact book just with a different cover and format or if it is actually different it in context and content and geared towards teens.

    I guess we will see…

    1. It really does feel like a cheap cop out in efforts to bring the books to another group of readers. It just seems silly. I don’t see why they can’t just better promote the other books with new covers or something. This feels like smoke and mirrors to distract people from the fact that their won’t be yearly game releases anymore even though no one is upset about that.

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