Fictive Fortnight (17) Catching up

Fictive Fortnight

Books I got this week

jen meyers - happily ever now (happily ever after#0.5) jen meyers - happily ever after (happily ever after#1)
I got a bunch more books since the last time I’ve done one of these, but I am so not going through all of that. It was mostly Galleys because I am a request-a-holic. I have a problem. Please send help.

Posts on the blog

There were a few other posts in there, but nothing massively important. Mostly just Netgalley update posts.

Dude, what was with all the downtime?

You may have noticed that my blog has been up and down more than a yo-yo over the last two weeks. The whole thing was a problem with my host. What started as a severe DDOS attack on their systems, turned into a bigger mess than it should’ve. They had been planning on some server upgrades, to improve performance, for a while and decided that all the downtime and mess would be a brilliant time to just get it over with. So what started as 48 or so hours of unavoidable downtime, became over a week of surprise downtime. The company keeps their workforce small, so of course they were super busy getting things back online, which left a lot of questions floating about as they didn’t have the time to update the status quickly enough. The upgrades took more time than they had planned and as soon as they got them up, their server provider started having hardware issues as well. It was a grand old mess and it seems a lot of websites have jumped ship.

I can understand why people are upset. Choosing to do the upgrades when they did may have made sense at the time, but to do such a massive undertaking with no notice is really unacceptable. It didn’t give people time to plan accordingly for the downtime, so a lot of people who use their websites for their income were suddenly without an income for multiple days. Many had clients who did not get their products on time and were less than understanding. It shouldn’t have happened. It was poor decision making on their part.

While I like my host, I’ve always had problems with my site running slower than I would like, so while I am not demanding a partial refund so I can leave now, I am researching for a new host to move to before my hosting renews. I’ll let you guys know before I most to a new host so you guys are aware if there is downtime. But for this, it wasn’t my fault and I hope you guys forgive and understand that. As such, I’m also behind on posts again. I was working on my queue when this started happening and had to stop because I can only write my posts in Evernote so much, and I was afraid to try to even load my dashboard most days during the downtime. Then I got sick, and fell farther behind. Damnit. I’m working on it all this week and will eventually get back on track. I need to start reading again so I can get reviews up. I have a few that I have notes for that just need written, and I’m working on those this week also.

Uh… “Fictive Fortnight”? What happened to “A Fictive Week”?

Weekly updates are annoying and I hate them. I am so over it. So for now, I’ve decided to switch to a two week schedule. Honestly, I might change it up again and make it a monthly thing. Just monthly seems like it would be insane to update, so I will play with it for a while. I need to change the tag and category, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

What have I been up to?

On the blog: I am slowly working on a post queue. I started using my Trello account again, and have been setting it up a ton. It’s coming in handy. I don’t think my blog plans and notes have ever been so organized. The rest was all reported above. Poor “On the blog” section doesn’t get enough love today. ;_;

In my life: I have been sick as a dog for two weeks. There’s been something going around on my husband’s ship. He only gets truly sick once every three years, and this was his year, so of course he brought it home. Unfortunately for me, I get truly sick every four years, and this is the winter where our years overlap, so I was already weakened from my upper respiratory infection back at the end of August, so I caught whatever this was also. It’s one of those illnesses that the hospital would just toss tylenol and mucinex at us anyway, so we skipped the doctor and bought a few boxes of mucinex and cough drops. We’ve been really blessed that Rose hasn’t caught anything. She had a low-grade fever one night early on, and then last weekend she woke up with congestion for two days. I finally was able to use the Nosefrida, which is amazeballs btw. She doesn’t get congested very often, so I hadn’t seen how amazing it is. Worth it’s weight in gold guys. If you have kids and haven’t bought one, DO IT! I don’t like how easily the cap and tube come off though, but nothing a little washi tape won’t fix. It took 17 months, but Rose finally lost the first of her pacifiers. Luckily we had backups, but that sucked. I might check with the lost and found at the Commissary next time I go and see if anyone turned it in. Toss it in the wash and it should be good as new if they did find it.

I’ve started meal planning. I’m sick of eating dollar pizzas and hot pockets for lunch. I want something healthier and better, but cooking for one and a half people sucks. Jason eats on the ship, so there is no need to make him lunches. I’m working on getting a bunch of Sistema containers, and I’m using my fun money from next paycheck to buy a yogurt maker and I’m going to start planning out our breakfasts and lunches and prepping them in advance. I’m never going to be able to lose weight and get healthier unless I add better food into my diet. I don’t really make proper resolutions, more goals. I treat resolutions as promises and goals are well, goals. Resolutions are more dire to me if I fail, whereas goals just give me something nice to aim for. One of my goals for this year was to begin the lifestyle change and get healthier. I’m really excited to start doing this. Rose needs it too. She needs to see me making healthier choices, especially now that she is starting to have real opinions on food.

What have you been up to this week?


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    1. Still a bit of a cough, but finally feeling human again. Course now I have a ton to catch up on since I didn’t housewife very well while I was sick. haha. Thanks.

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