2016 Netgalley Reading Challenge – Quarter One Wrap-up

ng2016_challenge Quarter One is down! It really flew by didn’t it?

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I have done nothing. I charged my kindle a few weeks ago.. does that count as anything? Life is really busy right now and I’ve been so stressed that I’m lucky if I remember to do my skin care routine every day. Or eat. I remember to feed my daughter, but then I don’t eat myself. I’m really bad at that. Usually, reading is great for stress, but I can’t get lost in the world of a book right now. The stress is just that huge. It doesn’t help that my husband is almost never home right now. When he isn’t out Underway (He’s Navy for those who have forgotten), he is barely home. His Chief has his division working freaking 15-16 hours days plus 4-12 hours on Saturdays. There is no reason for it at all. Plus he has a 45 minute commute. There have seriously been weeks where he hasn’t seen Rose and have barely seen me because he lefts before she wakes up (and I only wake up to lock him out) and doesn’t get home until she is in bed and I’m soon to follow. It’s awful and I’m seriously not a fan of the military right now. It would be easier if he were on deployment to be honest, because then we wouldn’t look forward to him maybe being home in time to spend time with us. We would just know he was gone and couldn’t come back for a while. The time we do get feels like a tease. My daughter isn’t taking it well, I’m battling off the beginnings of depression over it, my cat is acting up, and he is so worn out he looks 50. Hopefully he can get some leave approved for next month so we can spend some real time together, or his Chief gets over himself and realizes that his entire division is about to turn into shitbags or plot to kill him in his sleep. *shrug*

I can already tell I won’t make my challenge again this year. I’m thinking about changing my Goodreads challenge also. If I can read one book this year, that would be a success for me. Stupid stress.

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