Review Policy

Dear Authors and Publishers,

Thank you so much for your interest in my blog! I really appreciate you stopping by. I do accept review requests for books in my listed genres, but I also only have time to respond to requests that I can accept. I hope you understand.

I accept requests from big name publishing houses, as well as indie and self-published authors alike.

If you would like to be featured in some other way (guest post, reveals, book tours, excerpt/teaser promotions, etc) feel free to email about that as well. Be sure to include preferred dates for your item or I will ignore the request.

What genres will I review?

  • Fiction (Young Adult / New Adult / Childrens)
    • Fantasy / High Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
    • Paranormal / Paranormal Romance
    • Contemporary / Contemporary Romance
    • Dystopian (very selective)
    • Mystery
    • Romance
  • Jane Austen variations (especially Pride and Prejudice)

What is my turnover like?

I no longer give a time estimate when I accept reviews. I am a big “mood reader” and find that I give books better reviews when I don’t feel so obligated to review them in a timely manner. I prioritize favorite authors and committed blog tours over standard requests.

An accepted review copy does not guarantee a review. Usually, I will get around to them, but an accepted request just means I am interested. It is not a promise to review.

Where will my reviews be posted?

All of my reviews will be posted here on my blog, on my Goodreads account, and on Amazon. I will also crosspost the review to my social media accounts to get larger exposure.

I accept eARCs (MOBI/Kindle preferred), bound books, and ARCs/Galleys. I will not accept Audiobooks. I am currently not accepting advanced early drafts for story/flow beta reading.

What will the review include?

  • Book cover
  • Synopsis (provided by Goodreads, Amazon, or the publisher)
  • Publishing information
  • Purchase links (through affiliated sites)
  • How the book was obtained
  • Honest review
  • Rating (1-5 stars, including half stars)
  • Excerpt, hosted on Scripd (if text is provided – example)
  • Content warning (if applicable)

What to include when you request a review.

I have a Review Requests form for you to request reviews with. At the very least, please fill out these fields when you request. Please put your links in the information section or below the synopsis.
  • Author Name
  • Book title
  • Synopsis
  • Publish date
  • Website/blog/social networking links (If you want them to be featured in an author section under the review. – example)
Please note: I will only accept the first novel in a series I am unfamiliar with. If you want me to read a book later in a series, I will not be able to accept it.